PEACE  International Publisher

PEACE International Publisher (i.e., PIP) specialises in the production of books about wildlife, environmental sciences, ecology, tourism, evolution, palaeontology, forestry, fish biology, ethnobiology, and related topics. As a specialised book publishing company, PIP is dedicated to providing high-quality literature that investigates and improves understanding of these subjects. With an emphasis on increasing understanding and respect for nature’s complicated interactions, the PEACE International Publisher aims to provide essential materials to both academic and recreational customers.

PEACE International Publisher has strict procedures for peer-reviewing and product development to ensure the quality of its publications. PIP books are thoroughly peer-reviewed by recognised academic specialists during both the proposal and book stages. These specialists provide unbiased reviews of the finished book’s content, quality, and commercial viability. Furthermore, our experienced development team plays a critical role in designing important titles and digital offerings. They make major contributions to the refinement and enhancement of our publications, ensuring they satisfy the highest standards and effectively engage with our audience.

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