The Efficacy of Common Windmill Butterfly’s Silver Nanoparticles Against Bacterial Pathogens

Sadia Sadiq and Shareen Akhtar

From Myths to Reality: Understanding the Interplay of Folklore and Herpetofauna Conservation in Punjab, Pakistan

Usman Ali, Muhammad Altaf, Hamna Ayoub, Saira Batool, Maham Khan, Zarmina Shaheen, Tabinda Laraib, Ishrat Nawaz, Fariha Lodhi and Jamshaid Noor

The Hidden Threat: Investigating the Effects of Triazophos Insecticide on Kidney of Rock Pigeon

Aimen Irshad and Tanveer Hussain

Ethnoecological studies of plants collected from district Bagh, Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan

Kiran Imtiaz, Asia Bibi and Aziz Khan