The Journal of Wildlife and Ecology (i.e., JWE) is an international, peer-reviewed journal published quarterly. The electronic ISSN of JWE is 2663-4600. Dr Muhammad Altaf is the founder of PEACE (Pakistan Educational Alliance for Conservation of Ecology), JWE, and PIP (PEACE International Publisher). In 2017, PEACE went on a unique journey by launching JWE in light of knowledge at the crossroads of diverse fields. It encourages and welcomes original research, reviews, mini-reviews, and short notes in JWE, written in high-quality English, and entertains quality research without geographic limitations. JWE is focused on offering a broad range of wildlife topics, including biodiversity, evolution, nanomedicine, ethnomedicine, forestry, fisheries, invasive species, ecology, and human culture studies.

All manuscript submissions are subject to initial evaluation by the Editor-in-Chief and Editorial Team. If found suitable, the submission is sent out for further consideration and evaluated through peer review by at least two independent, anonymous reviewers with recognized competence within their field of research. The subject editor makes a decision, and after that, it is assessed by the Editor-in-Chief. The review process is double-blind, and submissions are currently being accepted for processing only through email directed to